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CyberIAM Holdings Limited provides the expertise needed for the design and implementation of complex identity and access management systems. The leadership team has over 100 years of experience in identity and access management. Our Principal and Senior Consultants have years of experience working with some of the largest organisations in the world from global banking, insurance, telecom, transport and large international retailers ensuring the technical success of their IAM technologies.

CyberIAM delivery methodology emphasises sustained partnership with customers, ranging from strategic advisory services to hands-on technical implementation. We operate a technology-agnostic approach based on partnerships with the market-leading IAM vendors; recommended by Gartner as a leading IAM systems integrator.

We have experience of managing complex deployments including SailPoint IdentityIQ, One Identity Manager, CyberArk’s Privileged Identity Manager, MuleSoft and Custom Solutions for FTSE 100 companies. Our Delivery methodology that emphasises sustained partnership with customers, ranging from strategic advisory services to hands-on technical implementation.

IAM Strategy

We specialise in helping organisations with the planning of short and long-term strategic roadmaps.

Identity & Access Management

Traditional Identity and Access Management and Governance implementation including market-leading technologies.

Privileged Access Management

We lead the market in combining Privileged Access methodology with Identity Management to give the business a cohesive experience.

Identity as a Service

Identity and Access Management in the cloud is now a key differentiator for protecting organisations crown jewel cloud applications.

Next Generation Application Provisioning

We are leading the industry in providing self-service application connectivity for applications to create their own IAM 2 way provisioning connectors.

Products we Deliver

SailPoint IdentityNow

SailPoint IdentityNow is a complete IDaaS solution for access management, governance, access request and automated provisioning of applications in the cloud. Identity and Access Management in the cloud is now a key differentiator for protecting organisations crown jewel cloud applications. With many features such as Single-Sign-On, User Password Management, Access Certification, Access Request and Provisioning, and Advanced Policy and Analytics, IdentityNow can be considered the perfect IAM solution for organisations taking the next step into cloud computing.

Every IAM solution has their unique challenges to deploy them, these challenges don’t come from a lack of knowledge base from people trying to roll them out and the business changes needed to make the IAM solution work for you.

IdentityNow Benefits

IdentityNow is fully managed by SailPoint, it is highly scalable and proactive with monitoring and alerting. It continually patches the environments and latest code releases giving you added insurance.

IdentityNow connectors are the same as IdentityIQ connectors, so if you have existing connectors you can be easily converted to IdentityNow.

It is Easier to configure, so further configuration can be completed without the need for specialist resources. The User Interface (UI) is a much simpler interface for end users and requires less training. Also, CSV upload tool allows the existing CSV file to be loaded into IdentityNow.

You also have to consider with IdentityNow the Virtual Appliance (VA) Hardware Requirement. There are two recommended deployments for the VA Minimum VA Image Size and Recommended VA Image Size. Also, Windows Servers will be required to host the IdentityIQ service. This does not need to be dedicated and so can be on a shared Windows server.

IdentityNow Good to Know

Access Request is currently limited to self-service requests, there is also no ability for Service Desk to verify the authentication of the user, so a separate portal will need to be built. Any historical data cannot be imported into a new environment and so it will need to be exported.

SailPoint IdentityIQ

IdentityIQ is an identity governance solution that delivers a unified approach to compliance, password management, and provisioning activities for applications running on-premises or in the cloud. IdentityIQ meets the needs of large organizations with complex identity governance requirements and processes who prefer to tailor their solution to align with unique business needs.

IdentityIQ Benefits

IdentityIQ will Strengthen Security by mitigating the risk of inappropriate access by centralizing visibility of users and their access to cloud and on-premises applications and data. It ensures your employees, partners, contractors, and bots have the right access, at the right time, from any device. Enforce your  Compliance by putting prevention and detection controls in place to ensure access is within corporate policy at all times.

IdentityIQ Good to know

Support of IdentityIQ is much harder than IdentityNow, so a higher amount of training is required. Any historical data cannot be imported into a new environment and so it will need to be exported.

SailPoint SecurityIQ

Sensitive Data stored in files continues to accelerate at exponential rates, creating an ever-increasing attack vector. Users are extracting data from applications and creating new content, including documents, reports, and presentations stored across various ungoverned repositories such as file shares and cloud storage systems. This sensitive data is usually not managed properly within a business. SailPoint’s Data Access Governance Solution, SecurityIQ, has the necessary features that work with Active Directory and Windows File Servers, for example, to ensure that your companies sensitive data is managed effectively. These features include Data Classification, a Live Activity Monitoring, Access-Request, Data Owner’s Election, Access Certification and Customs Policy/Rule creations, which will help your company pin-point sensitive resources/shares.

Data Discovery and Classification – find where sensitive data resides In most organisations, sensitive information such as financial data, customer data, credit card information and personal health information can be found in hundreds of places – on file shares, on SharePoint sites, in cloud storage services, and in email folders. SecurityIQ allows organizations to find and classify sensitive information, so they can put effective controls in place to manage and protect it.

Permissions Management Determine – who can access sensitive data access to unstructured data can be difficult to visualize and impossible to manage and control without a complete understanding of how users are granted access. SecurityIQ automatically collects and analyzes effective permissions across on-premises Windows file servers, NAS devices, SharePoint and Exchange, as well as cloud-based portals, including Office 365, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

Ping Identity

The Ping Intelligent Identity Platform enables your organization to leverage a unified digital identity for secure and seamless user experiences across your business initiatives, allowing you to achieve greater business value and agility.
Their comprehensive, standards-based platform allows users and devices to securely access all cloud, mobile, SaaS, and on-premises applications and APIs. Designed for hybrid IT environments, it can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or both, and provides centralized control to optimize the balance of security and convenience for a wide range of use cases.
Ping Identity will help deliver a platform designed to support your hybrid IT environments. From multi-factor authentication and single sign-on to access security, directory, and data governance, Ping Identity provides employees, partners, and customers secure access to the cloud, mobile, and on-premises applications.

CyberArk Privileged Identity Manager

Privileged accounts hold the key to the gateway of an organization’s most valuable assets. Which is why Cyber Attackers seek to gain access to these accounts. It’s also why nearly all serious security breaches involve privileged accounts. From determined, malicious “outsiders” to careless or disgruntled “insiders”, either one can wreak havoc on the heart of your business. Unmanaged privileged credentials and accounts are the common vulnerability in both cases.

CyberArk offers several Security and Risk Management solutions:

1. Advanced Threat Protection
2. Remote Vendor Access Security
3. Insider Threat Protection
4. Cloud & Virtualization Security