CyberIAM Holdings Limited provides the expertise needed for the design and implementation of complex identity and access management systems.With our help and expertise, your business will be safeguarded from multiple internal and external threats in which every company will eventually face, and furthermore will meet your Audit requirements.


How we go about Delivering an Identity and Access Management System for our Customers:



We will conduct meetings with all the stakeholders and business representatives to define a project scope of our clients’ requirements and turn them into user stories with acceptance criteria to meet the program objectives. After which we will then produce an implementation design and communications plans. The project will be divided amongst our team experts to ensure the work is not only carried out as quickly as possible, but profoundly.


We will then prepare the environment by reviewing the stack and installing the IAM technology. After which, can we then Onboard HR and create all the identities. After AD has been implemented, we will show immediate value back to our customers by enabling them for certification and access request to a small controlled amount of applications.


We then aim to implement a DevOps agile methodology for release and define test cases from acceptance criteria. We will kindly assist in setting up the code management system and help your organization manage and test the implementation through to pre-production and handhold and production release. If there is any confusion we will gladly assist and train your teams after release to be BAU ready for the solution.


Products we Deliver:


SailPoint IdentityNow:

SailPoint IdentityNow is a complete IDaaS solution for access management, governance, access request and automated provisioning of applications in the cloud. Identity and Access Management in the cloud is now a key differentiator for protecting organisations crown jewel cloud applications. With many features such as Single-Sign On, User Password Management, Access Certification, Access Request and Provisioning, and Advanced Policy and Analytics, IdentityNow can be considered the perfect IAM solution for organisations taking the next step into cloud computing.


SailPoint IdentityIQ:

IdentityIQ is an identity governance solution that delivers a unified approach to compliance, password management and provisioning activities for applications running on-premises or in the cloud. IdentityIQ meets the needs of large organizations with complex identity governance requirements and processes who prefer to tailor their solution to align with unique business needs.


SailPoint SecurityIQ:

Sensitive Data stored in files continues to accelerate at exponential rates, creating an ever-increasing attack vector. Users are extracting data from applications and creating new content, including documents, reports and presentations stored across various ungoverned repositories such as file shares and cloud storage systems. This sensitive data is usually not managed properly within a business. SailPoint’s Data Access Governance Solution, SecurityIQ, has the necessary features that work with Active Directory and Windows File Servers for example, to ensure that your companies sensitive data is managed effectively. These features include Data Classification, a Live Activity Monitoring, Access Request, Data Owner’s Election, Access Certification and Custom Policy/Rule creations, which will help your company pin-point sensitive resources/shares.


Ping Identity:

We will deliver a platform designed to support your hybrid IT environments. From multi-factor authentication and single sign-on to access security, directory and data governance, Ping Identity provides employees, partners and customers secure access to the cloud, mobile and on-premises applications.


CyberArk Privileged Identity Manager:

Privileged accounts hold the key to the gateway of an organization’s most valuable assets. Which is why Cyber Attackers seek to gain access to these accounts. It’s also why nearly all serious security breaches involve privileged accounts. From determined, malicious “outsiders” to careless or disgruntled “insiders”, either one can wreak havoc on the heart of your business. Unmanaged privileged credentials and accounts are the common vulnerability in both cases.

CyberArk offers several Security and Risk Management solutions:

1. Advanced Threat Protection
2. Remote Vendor Access Security
3. Insider Threat Protection
4. Cloud & Virtualization Security