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SailPoint File Access Manager

SailPoint’s Data Access Governance Solution, File Access Manager, has the necessary features to work with Active Directory and Windows File Servers. This will ensure that your companies’ sensitive data is managed effectively. These features include Data Classification, Live Activity Monitoring, Access Request, Data Owner’s Election, Access Certification and Customs Policy/Rule creation, which will help your company pinpoint sensitive resources and shares.

Data Discovery and Classification – find where sensitive data resides in your organisation. Sensitive information such as financial data, customer data, credit card information and personal health information can be found in hundreds of places. Thes include on file shares, SharePoint sites, in cloud storage services and in email folders. File Access Manager allows organisations to find and classify sensitive information, so they can put effective controls in place to manage and protect it.

Permissions management determine who has access to sensitive data. Access to unstructured data can be difficult to visualize and impossible to manage and control without a complete understanding of how users are granted access. File Access Manager automatically collects and analyses effective permissions across on-premises Windows File Servers, NAS devices, SharePoint and Exchange. The product also monitors cloud-based portals including Office 365, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

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Our services organisation has decades of experience in Identity and Access Management with many of the largest organisations in the world.

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CyberIAM Holdings Limited provides the expertise needed for the design and implementation of complex Identity and access management systems.