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CyberArk Privileged Identity Manager

Privileged accounts hold the key to the gateway of an organization’s most valuable assets. Which is why Cyber Attackers seek to gain access to these accounts. It’s also why nearly all serious security breaches involve privileged accounts. From determined, malicious “outsiders” to careless or disgruntled “insiders”, either one can wreak havoc on the heart of your business. Unmanaged privileged credentials and accounts are the common vulnerability in both cases.

CyberArk offers several Security and Risk Management solutions:

1. Advanced Threat Protection
2. Remote Vendor Access Security
3. Insider Threat Protection
4. Cloud & Virtualization Security

CyberIAM Services

Our services organisation has decades of experience in Identity and Access Management with many of the largest organisations in the world.

About CyberIAM

CyberIAM Holdings Limited provides the expertise needed for the design and implementation of complex identity and access management systems.