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CyberIAM started off SailPoint Navigate 18 in Barcelona with a bang! It was impossible not to considering all the different features and inspiring speakers that the event offered. However, we also had a trick up our sleeve that definitely contributed to the excitement and atmosphere at Navigate. CyberIAM was very generous by offering one lucky event attendee the chance to win an Amazon Echo Spot.

Within the first few
days of the event we already had various entries into our lucky draw. Anticipation
grew as everyone waited for our email that would announce the winner. Finally,
on the last day of the event we drew out a card from the fishbowl that would
hold the name of the winner…

We would like to congratulate Nikhil Gulan on winning an Echo Spot with CyberIAM! It was a pleasure meeting you. We would also like to thank everyone else that stopped by our booth, it was great to branch out and meet even more faces with an interest in our profession.

Luckily you will not
be leaving CyberIAM at the Navigate. You will definitely be hearing more from
us, so be sure to keep your eyes on your email for more news, events and
giveaways from us.