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Identity is Core to GDPR Compliancy.

Recent media events revealed data breaches which have resulted in heavy fines and reputational risk due to GDPR findings. The solution to how organisations protect themselves against these data breaches, which are often caused by company insiders, is putting IAM (Identity Access Management) at the centre of data access.

GDPR rules and regulations set the standards very high, therefore organisations need to be able to drive efficient control over their structured and unstructured data. Thus it is crucial that they ensure that there are data protection policies in place. Making use of IAM technologies and best practices will result in the implementation of correct solution and process to remove unauthorised access to your critical data.

Governing data is just as important as managing your critical applications. IAM will ensure that the right users have access to the right data at the right time. Putting Identity at the heart of data access management will provide better visibility which will reduce risk and in turn prevent breaches within your organisation.

Not only does GDPR have implications across your data on-premise but it also relates to data in the cloud. As one of the top Identity and Access Management service providers, CyberIAM are able to deliver industry leading solutions to protect all of your data whether on-premise or in the cloud.