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CyberIAM kicked this year off with a bang. Our global team all gathered together in the heart of Chester to participate in the company’s yearly team building and information sessions.

Spartan originated from our company’s Roman branding and seeing that our head office is situated in the historic Roman town of Chester, it only seemed natural that our annual team building would be done the Roman way: building a strong army to take on the threats of the Roman empire. Our case is somewhat similar: building a strong team of Identity specialist to take on the threats of the Cyberworld.

The Crystal Maze ensured that day one at Spartan was packed with team building activities. All our team members got to know each other better by problem-solving and helping each other through the maze. We shared some good laughs and even better team spirit. We also had Clients and Partners join and present at day one of our Kick-off. Mark Oldroyd from SailPoint, Simon Turpin from CyberArk and David Schofield from Specsavers all gave fantastic presentations on their Companies and the mechanics behind what each of them delivers for their companies.

Over the course of the last two days Spartan was hosted at the Grosvenor Hotel in Chester, where our team was treated like royalty. Presentations and Demonstrations were given by our team themselves to showcase what they have achieved in the past year. This really gave our team good insight of the company and the different projects at hand. We all learned a lot from these valuable sessions.

The final day ended on a high note with the Spartan prize giving. We awarded six prizes to our top achievers. Best Newcomer was awarded to Josh Thorn, Most Valuable Team Player went to Alex Santos, Most Improved went to Kamil Jankowski, Above and Beyond went to Eric Roest and the overall SPARTAN OF THE YEAR AWARD went to Jesal Dosa. Last but not least we even had a prize for our more eccentric achievers…our Funniest Moment Of The Year Award went to Kyle Foggan. Congratulations to all our winners!

Our entire team enjoyed coming together to work on building on our knowledge and team spirit. We are truly a fantastic group of individuals that form an extraordinary company as a whole. CyberIAM will only achieve greatness in the future with this dynamic group of people behind it.